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Links to Explore


There is a whole universe of spiritual  resources available on the internet.
Below are just a few starting points.


Catholic Online

This site is a wonderful diving board to the whole world of Christian resources and information online.

Archdiocese of Montreal

Find out what's going on in the Montreal Catholic community. Plenty of good resources as well.

Bible Online

This site contains the full text of the Bible (Revised Standard Edition) which you can read - or search for specific passages by keywords or phrases.

Vatican Official Site

The official web site of the Vatican in Rome - Vatican Museum, Library and Secret Archives, a full  Catechism of the Catholic Church with explanations, Catholic News, Vatican CityState information, Papal speeches, homilies, travels and biographies.

Vatican Museum

The official site of the Vatican museum - enjoy the breathtaking works of art, including the Sistene Chapel.